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About CHT

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ABOUT Carriage House Tea?

The humble beginnings of Carriage House Tea are easy to trace:  A handful of years ago, I wanted to open an art gallery to feature the incredible talent of local artists in central North Carolina.  I bought a gorgeous two-story historic home in downtown Asheboro, NC to house Brightside Gallery.  With the purchase of this stately home came the actual carriage house behind the main building.  I had the carriage house restored to its original splendor.  Its rustic charm glows and captivates all who are lucky enough to step inside of it.  This little carriage house absolutely captured my heart.  In late 2013, when at last I decided to start a tea company, it took no more than about thirty seconds to pin down the name for what would become the greatest business passion of my life……….Carriage House Tea! It has been an amazing journey so far and I would say that I am only at the tip of the iceberg, with even more excitement to come! Between sharing with patrons my love of tea and the interesting things that I have learned about it over the years, I think we’re in for one heckuva ride!  I have developed the persona of “Lady Mary”—a tea baroness from the old country (Poland).  I hope that you’ll jump into my beautiful old time carriage and take the time to join me on this fascinating, classy, delicious adventure.


Who is Lady Mary?

One never knows where a lifetime of tea drinking might lead.  I have been drinking tea for at least a half a century now.  The first forty years were not with a particularly discerning palette.  The last ten years have been with great interest and a more purposeful effort to really begin to understand tea and its importance in the world of beverages and traditions. After learning more about tea than I suspected was possible (and one never stops learning), I saw that I could do an exceptional job of sourcing the finest teas from around the world to share with others. Finding delicious teas has become an experience to enjoy. As we ride along, let us raise our tea cups high and recite the tea drinkers’ toast—

“Bottom’s Up!!!”